PowerPoint is a Microsoft application that can be a fun way to present information. Let's learn how they're made.

Note: Since we have computers of varying ages in the school system, I've included more than one set of directions for PowerPoint.

I found this at ReadWriteThink.org it's the best, most concise instructions for creating a simple powerpoint that I've seen yet.

These steps seem to work better with younger kids.
First, open this link and view this simple PowerPoint.

To make a presentation similar to this, follow these directions:

Click on the START button at the bottom left side of your computer screen.



Click POWERPOINT See how the page opens up to a page where you can type?

On the left side of the page is a column for slides.

On the right side of the page is a menu.

Choose NEW presentation.

Choose BLANK presentation.

Choose a LAYOUT that allows you to type text into it.

Use the format in the ppt below that shows you how to type your words into your presentation so you are able to insert pictures

The link below has specific How To instructions that will enable you to insert picture & audio files into your PowerPoint.

I know for a fact I got the above from the MS Office website. How to create animated PowerPoint presentations. Using this information, I was able to create the PowerPoint below.

I think I got the facts for this tutorial from Microsoft, but I'm honestly not sure because it's been awhile since I put it together. I hope nobody sues me.

----This is a good PowerPoint How To for older students.