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I am a girl who likes recess, but doesn't like basketball. I'm great in Science but I stink in math. I'm in the fifth grade at my school and I'm writing this page for my SPACE program assignment. I have two sisters, three dogs, and a burrow owl. Not really. I only have one sister.

See? You can tell a lot of good things about yourself without giving out your personal information. If you're still not sure what personal information is, go here:

Internet Survival Tips

Each student should make their own wiki page and no one else should add or take away from another student's ABOUT ME page. You can add pictures to your page as long as they are royalty free and appropriate. There's a whole bunch of free clip art online.

You do NOT want to create your own wiki. You want to add a page to this wiki. The instructions are here, you need to read the screens to figure out what you need to do. :)

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