This is a little bit of everything. I hope it helps. Check the A1 Teacher Links page for more sites, especially the Dare to Differentiate site. They have everything.

Activity suggestions for multiple intelligence learning

In depth science lesson plan

This is a lesson plan template for the backward lesson design suggested in our first RTI book study.

Reading Comprehension Tic Tac Toe Choice activity board

I put this info together from information gathered in various places.

Differentiation lesson personal reflection

Geometry & Measurement Tic Tac Toe Activity Choice Board

THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA2009 Core Curriculum Modified Planning and Scheduling Timelinefor Empowerment Schools Math- Second GradeThere is good info here if you don't let the first couple of pages discourage you. Keep scrolling. ;)

Activity suggestions for tiered Language Arts using Gardner & Bloom.
This may be one of the most helpful files posted here.

Menu Language Arts Poetry Unit

In depth lesson plan for a unit on pioneers.

Multiple Intelligences Assessment Menu - Assorted Academic Activities using Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Questions to ask that will help give your lessons more depth.

Differentiated Spelling Activities

This is an example of a Word Sort references in the above menu. It's from Educplace.

Vocabulary tic tac toe