Free programming software for kids

Photoshop how to

20+ Online Graphic Designing and Painting Tools

Make Computer Graphics
Serif dot com (Free computer graphics software. I have not tried this out at all.)
PIQ (creating free pixel art)
Q Block (I have NOT tried this software. It looks very Mine-Crafty.)


How To Become a Pixel Artist
Pixel Art Tutorial
Create Avatars using Photoshop or GIMP (GIMP is a free program that is much like photoshop with many of the same features. You need to see if your computer can handle the requirements needed to run GIMP on your computer.)
GIMP dot org

Pixel Art at Academic Kids (This is a wiki page with many different subject academic subject areas.)

About dot com Pixel Art (basically a link page)
How To Create Free Pixel Art
Yoyo Games (This has a decent free demo download but the full version costs $40.00. If you DL the demo, you will have to follow the tutorial to learn how to make the games. This is not as easy as the game maker on sploder, but it will help teach you the logical sequential steps you need to take in order to make a game do what you want it to do.)
Beginning Programming

SiMPLE Codeworks

How to Write Computer Programs

Computer Science for Kids

Logo Foundation

Logo Programming

MathsNet (Interactive Logo the Turtle)

Alice dot org

Old School Programming

Teach Computers Wordpress

Teach Your Kids Comp Programming

How to Teach Kids to Program Computers

Asteroid Miner made with LOGO

Turtle Graphics

Math Playground Programming

Get the Turtle to the Pond