All public school second graders are screened for giftedness in the state of Alabama. A team of educators and specialists decide if a child needs gifted services at this time.

If your child was not enrolled in Alabama public schools during his or her second grade year and you believe your child is gifted, then contact the GT Specialist at your elementary school to request screening. Each state is responsible for determining requirements for giftedness in public school students.

If your child was part of a gifted program in another state or country, he or she will have to be re-screened if you want your child to have a chance to participate in the GT program in Alabama.

If your child is in 3rd through 5th grade at Williams Elementary and you'd like him or her screened, fill out the initial referral and send it to me either through email or hard copy so I can start the process.

Screening for the gifted program can be rigorous and your child may have to meet with the Gifted Specialist several times during the process. Screening for giftedness is not an automatic "in" for your child. You should prepare them emotionally for any outcome.

If you would like to refer your child for Williams Elementary gifted program, click on the link below and fill out the form. Send it to my attention, J. George in Room 217. You may send it via email or you can print it out and deliver it to the front office. I do need the request in writing before I can begin the process.

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